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    The 3 Most Famous Donuts of All Time

    What makes a donut famous has less to do with how tasty it is and more to do with its viral factor. The most talked-about donuts are typically the ones that have the weirdest, most innovative qualities; well that, or they’ve been given the celebrity-saliva stamp of approval. From Homer Simpson’s pink-iced sprinkled obsession to …

  • Donut Innovation About to Get a ‘Hole’ Lot Better in 2020

    Donuts have come a long way from the oily balls your oma use to fondle in the kitchen around the holidays. Now donuts are a morning staple with new exciting flavors and unique concoctions popping up on menus all over the country. Culinary professionals are even using donuts as substitutes for bread, buns, and nacho …

  • Celebrities: They’re Obsessed with Donuts Just Like Us

    It’s no secret that celebrities place a high priority on being fit and looking fabulous. But behind the strict workout routines, crazy diet trends, and fancy salads are a bunch of donut fiends like us just looking for their next fix. From Lady Gaga to Beyonce to Zac Efron and more, these celebs destroy donuts …